A simple look into my personal background on this web site will verify the fact that I’m a huge lover of union researches. I am fascinated by the ways we just be sure to use technology to gender and love, in hopes of one day being able to explain the strange ways of one’s heart.

Some researches provide fascinating understanding of modern-day mating traditions, however, many (if not many) are, as TruTv.com creator Nick Nadel places it, “forehead-slappingly apparent.” Nadel compiled a listing of 10 researches that a lot of positively fall under the latter group. Below are a few of the highlights:

Questionable Study number 1: scientists at Radboud college of Nijmegen inside the Netherlands unearthed that males generally have trouble performing cognitive jobs after socializing with people in the contrary sex. Put simply, Nadel claims, “interacting with females helps make guys stupid.”

Nadel’s Take: “As obvious researches get, this 1 is up there with ‘people often fold reality on the internet.'” It mustn’t get an investigation staff to find out that men’s minds have sidetracked around females.

My personal feelings: i need to side with Nadel with this one. It mustn’t appear as a shock that men’s brains get only a little addled around attractive women, and I bet that a study on women’s minds would find that these are generally quite as addled around appealing guys.

Questionable research #2: in line with the conclusions of a single of OkCupid’s many respected reports on the OkTrends weblog, individuals who utilize Twitter every single day have faster connections as opposed to those that do perhaps not.

Nadel’s simply take: OkCupid does not even believe their particular results. a representative for all the web site mentioned “regrettably, we’ve not a way to tell that is dumping whom right here; whether the Twitterati tend to be more annoying or even more flighty than the rest of us.” Put differently, there is no real proof that Twitter has almost anything to perform aided by the length of a relationship.

My mind: If individuals accountable for the study aren’t even yes just what their particular results are, they can be not likely really worth paying much attention to. The OkTrends studies are a lot of enjoyable, however they are by no means the definitive word on all things online dating.

Dubious research no. 3: the duration of a man’s ring-finger relates to his appeal, per a team during the University of Geneva in Switzerland. The proportion that compares the size of a guy’s index little finger to his ring finger is called “2D:4D.”

Nadel’s simply take: the research claims that men with longer band hands have “rugged, caveman-like” faces. “Right,” Nadel states, “because females constantly go for the caveman appearance. It’s not like the all of our hottest male a-listers are non-threatening, baby-faced types or everything.”

My views: Many studies examining feminine understanding of male elegance have found that women are keen on different sorts of guys during different levels of their monthly period cycles. A female could, for that reason, be thinking about the “baby-faced kinds” together with “rugged cavemen” throughout per month. So that as much since the fingers get, “correlation is not causation” – though there might be a link between hand length and attractiveness, one cannot fundamentally cause the additional.

Stay tuned for much more frivolous results and absurd studies from Nick Nadel and TruTV…